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Planning services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers blend intuitive and free flowing ideas with structure and analytics. To achieve the goal of both functional and effective result we address environmental concerns, sustainability & resilience goals, smart city goals, constructability, public outreach, and financial needs.

Explore Planning Services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers :

  •     Feasibility Studies
  •     Strategic Multidisciplinary Planning
  •     Regional Master Planning
  •     Visioning Studies
  •     Spatial Planning
  •     Land Use Planning
  •     Development of Land Use and Population Policies & Guidelines
  •     Urban Design Guidelines
  •     Open Space and Landscape Strategy
  •     Community Facilities Planning
  •     Master Topographic Planning
  •     Context Sensitive Design
  •     Airport Master Planning
  •     Public Outreach
  •     Transportation High Level Master Studies
  •     Active and Inactive Transportation Planning
  •     Utility and Transport Public Corridors Planning
  •     Water and Wastewater High Level Studies
  •     Water and Wastewater Planning
  •     Power Supply and High-Level Studies
  •     Power Supply Planning
  •     ITS and Telecom Network Planning
  •     Master Environmental Planning
  •     Sustainable and Resilient Planning
  •     Smart City Planning


Design services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers integrate planning, architecture, landscape, engineering and design management in an end-to-end solution. We base our Design approach on extensive and diversified expertise. Our aim is to offer innovative and creative solutions for your projects

Each design process begins with in-depth studies of the environmental, economic, ecological and social conditions to understand the setting and climate. This ensures that our designs are not just creative, but highly functional, cost-effective, smart and sustainable for the long term.

Explore Design Services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers :

  •     Architectural Design
  •     Urban Design
  •     Landscape Design
  •     Concrete and Steel Structural Design
  •     MEP Engineering
  •     Interior Design
  •     Highway and Road Design
  •     Bridge and Tunnel Design
  •     Traffic Impact and Circulation Studies
  •     Civil Engineering
  •     Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design
  •     Infrastructure Power Supply Design
  •     Utility Corridor Design
  •     Geotechnical Design
  •     Pedestrian and Cycling Track Design
  •     Site Grading Engineering
  •     Water and Wastewater Design
  •     Storm water Management
  •     Sustainable Urban Design
  •     Sustainable Urban Drainage System Design
  •     Power Supply Infrastructure Design
  •     Telecom Infrastructure Design
  •     Traffic Control System Design


We base our Supervision services on a high level of professionalism and integrity. Our team of experts are on call to supervise your projects and achieve high-standard goals.

Explore Supervision Services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers :

  •     Contract Administration
  •     Change Order Management
  •     Field Inspection
  •     Progress Reports
  •     Quality Assurance
  •     Quality Control
  •     Time and Cost Control
  •     Claim Management

Project and Construction Management

We offer our customers peace of mind through our Project and Construction Management services. We base our PM/CM service on sharp skills and high performance. You have the option to integrate The Jouzy Team into your organization. Our goal is to offer expert management with on-time and on-budget delivery.

Explore Project and Construction Management Services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers :

  •     Integrated Project Management
  •     Design Management
  •     Budget & Schedule Control
  •     Constructability Reviews
  •     Construction Inspection/Supervision
  •     Contracts and Procurement Management
  •     Performance Evaluation and Tracking
  •     Regulatory Reviews & Permitting
  •     Risk Management
  •     Sustainability and Resilience Management

Facility Management

Facility Management services at Jouzy Consulting Engineers offer a solution to maintain your assets and protect your profit margins. Our Facility Management approach is highly professional and aims to ensure that your facility is in perfect quality, health, and compliant with safety regulations.

  •     Operational Risk Management
  •     Portfolio Management
  •     Planned Maintenance
  •     Extraordinary Maintenance
  •     Emergency preparedness and business continuity
  •     Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  •     Water Management Solutions
  •     Fire & Safety Solutions
  •     Capital Works Coordination
  •     Capital Planning & Management
  •     Snagging & Handover Services
  •     Fit-out Works
  •     Energy Audit & Energy Management
  •     Permitting and Certifications
  •     Site Supervision
  •     Project Management
  •     Maintenance Contractor Management

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