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Defining Engineering and architecture in the MENA region since 1966.

Jouzy has been an engineering powerhouse since its inception in 1966. With more than 50-years of experience, intimate knowledge of the local conditions, regulations, business practices and customs, Jouzy has become the region’s leading consulting company within the Architectural and Engineering space.

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We provide a variety of professional services for the full project lifecycle across all sectors.


Jouzy is a multidisciplinary company with extensive expertise in Buildings, Infrastructure & Transportation


Jouzy works closely with organizations in the public and private sectors throughout the MENA region, developing iconic buildings, sustainable neighborhoods and smart communities.

JCE has an innate ability to combine the state-of-the-art with practical solutions and is a proud winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, one of the most prestigious accolades in the trade.

Past clients include government entities, developers, contractors, and investors. JCE is recognized as a leader in validating conceptual designs that meet and exceed local and international codes.

With a complete range of services, JCE becomes an integral part of the entire building’s life cycle. Services include: Structural & MEP Engineering, Architecture, Landscaping & Interior Design, as well as Quantity Surveying, Pre & Post Contract Management and Supervision/Construction Management Services.


Jouzy Infrastructure department consists of a diverse and experienced team of civil and environmental engineers who are driven by their passion for innovative problem solving. Using the latest engineering principles, we take pride in building sustainable, robust and resilient infrastructure systems, while paying tribute to the environment, nature, and heritage of the specific site.

Our infrastructure engineers master the study, planning and design of water & wastewater systems, storm management systems, power systems, ELV systems, and general wet & dry urban Infrastructure services. We work with clients throughout the Middle East, developing projects that transform communities into sustainable, resilient and reliable developments.

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in Infrastructure planning, design and management enable us to deliver high-quality field solutions. Successful projects have included: Demand & Supply Feasibility Studies, Macro-Micro Modeling, Flow Management, Geometric Design, Technical Detailed Design, Value Engineering, Tender Documentation, and site supervision.

Our team members have worked on several prestigious mega-projects across the UAE and Middle East including:

  • hydrologic and hydraulic studies for the Hatta Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant
  • detailed design of wet & dry Infrastructure services for the Dubai Central Fruits & Vegetable Market
  • design of wet & dry Infrastructure services for Al Barari Development
  • design management and validation of Dubai storm water deep tunnels system
  • detailed design of wet & dry Infrastructure services for the Dubai CommerCity


Jouzy is committed to delivering Transportation Programs that improve mobility and quality of life in communities across the world.

Employing the latest engineering technologies, Jouzy|Axianta focuses on the design of active and non-active mobility infrastructure and enhancing human-vehicle interfaces. We work with clients to build and expand transportation systems that transform communities into safe, sustainable and reliable developments.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in transport planning, design and management enable us to deliver high-quality solutions. Examples of this include: Technical Forecasting Decisions, Macro/Micro Modeling, design of Roadway Geometry, Site Terrain & Profile Management, and Traffic Engineering Services. Our prime objective is to help public and private clients find smarter, safer and more sustainable ways to move people and goods across cities.

As one of the first transportation engineering companies in the Middle East, Jouzy Transportation Department has a rich project history and impressive track record. Our Engineers have worked on thousands of projects across the region including roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, ports and airports.

Introduction to Traffic department

Balancing traffic and utility infrastructural needs with regulatory demands can prove a significant challenge.

Jouzy is a proven leader in traffic engineering across the GCC and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge of local conditions and regulations, ensuring client success while simplifying the process.

Jouzy’s accomplished engineers contribute to the effective realization of traffic routes, underground buildings, water systems, sewage, energy carriers and telecommunications infrastructure.


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